The RodeXit WAVE Door Sweep and Rodent Proofing Seal

Chief Features 

The WAVE seal:

  • Is a highly rodent resistant proofing strip. 

  • Can be used for proofing all sorts of gaps including:

    • Threshold gaps of garage doors.

    • Threshold gaps of hinged swing doors.

    • Holes in walls with throughgoing pipes.

    • Other stationary gaps.

    • The vertical astragal gap between the 2 door leaves of double doors.

  • Can be secured by means of

    • broad-headed screws with or without washers or

    • an optional mounting strip and some screws.

Rodexit WAVE door sweep


The rodent resistant barrier consists of 10 gnaw proof wires of solid stainless-steel:

RodeXit WAVE

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The Successful Rat Attack Test

The basic proofing technology has successfully been tested by the accredited and independent test institution Danish Technological Institute. Click HERE to download a detailed account of the successful 2 weeks' long rat attack test

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  • Great protection against pests including rats and mice.

  • More than 10 years durability under favorable circumstances. 

  • Extremely easy and fast installation – a hinged swing door can be proofed in less than 2½ minutes.

  • Easy trimming with common tin snips..

  • Fool proof symmetrical design.

  • Screw hole markings facilitate fast and perfect looking installation.  

  • Installation is possible on either side of a door.

  • If an extra high degree of protection is called for, 2 layers can be installed:

    • as a double layer on one side or

    • as a single layer on either side.

  • A layer on both sides of a door significantly improves the insulation properties and substantially reduces the heating and air-conditioning costs.

  • The 27 yd / 25 m long rolls in small handy boxes are easy to store, handle and transport.

  • With a roll of the WAVE door sweep in the back of the service van you can fast and effectively handle lots of rodent proofing jobs on the spot.

  • Minimal trimming waste when cutting door sweeps from a roll.

  • Because the door sweep is symmetrical, it can be reused if the lower part has been worn or otherwise damaged. You simply dismount the door sweep, turn it upside-down and remount it.

  • High cost effectiveness due to:

    • Moderate price per yard / meter.

    • Easy, fast, and laborsaving installation.

    • Long durability.

    • Minimal trimming waste.

    • Reusability

  • Optional use of wood strips or metal strips (e.g. aluminum carpet trims) as aesthetically pleasing mounting strips.  

  • Usability in temperatures ranging from minus 40 to plus 140 degrees Fahrenheit (-40 to 60 degrees Celsius).

  • Full compatibility with kick plates and brush weather strips that both can be used as mounting strips.

  • Easy cleaning. 

  • The door sweep is environmentally friendly:

    • It consists of non-toxic materials only.

    • It can be recycled as steel.

    • When pests are denied entry to a building the need for distribution of toxic rodenticides is eliminated.

    • It contributes positively to CO2 reduction because lots of foodstuffs and other goods are saved from being contaminated and discarded when warehouses, shops, factories etc. are rodent proofed with the seal.

Good-Looking Mounting Strips

Carpet trims of the angled flat bar type are well suited for use as good-looking mounting strips that can satisfy special aesthetical requirements. They can be bought in well-assorted hardware stores.

For further information click HERE to download Tips & Tricks for Installing WAVE Door Sweeps with Mounting Strips.

How to Buy

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Technical Specifications 

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