The Rodexit rodent proofing strips

The Components and the Design 

The Rodexit strip is a high quality weatherstrip, which can effectively repel even sustained attacks from mice and rats:

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It is made of a very durable polymer material - Santoprene - and has an embedded rodent proof barrier consisting of 10 solid stainless-steel wires with a diameter of 0,04 inch (1 mm). It is 2.4 inches (62 mm) wide and 0.13 inch (3.2 mm thick). This is how the cross section looks:

Cross section of RodeXit strip

Here is a link to a data sheet on the basic polymer material SantopreneTM, in which the rodent proof steel barrier is embedded: 

The Much Appreciated Qualities

Our customers love the RodeXit products for a lot of good reasons: 

  1. The proofing strips provide effective protection against all pests including rats and mice. Due to the embedded barrier of solid and impenetrable stainless-steel wires they can repel even sustained rat attacks.

  2. When mounted on a double swing door, the WAVE door sweep can seal the small but critical subastragal gap (the gap right under the astragal gap and between the 2 threshold gaps). 

  3. The astragal gap of double doors can be proofed by the STRAIGHT general-purpose proofing strip.

  4. The proofing strips are both wind- and waterproof and can thus not only block cold and hot winds but also limit water ingress.  

  5. The rodent proofing technology has successfully passed a scientific test conducted by an independent and accredited test institution. 

  6. The proofing strips are very easy and fast to install:

    1. The length can by means of common tin snips easily and in less than a minute be adapted – e.g. to the width of a door leaf.

    2. It takes a minute only to fixate a WAVE door sweep to the bottom of a door leaf with ordinary broad headed screws.

    3. It is equally fast to mount the general-purpose STRAIGHT proofing strip.

    4. It provides for easy, fast, and nice mounting without a lot of measuring, that the proofing strips are equipped with a set of screw hole markings for every 4 in (10 cm).

    5. It is a great help, that the RodeXit BLOCK mounting tools can hold the WAVE door sweep and the SHIELD protection strip in place during the mounting process. 

  7. The proofing strips are made of the sturdy elastomer SantopreneTM 201-73 and have been reinforced with 0.04 inch (1 mm) thick solid stainless-steel wires. They are therefore extremely durable and can last up to 10 years.

  8. They can be reused once simply by dismounting, inverting, and remounting them.

  9. They are tremendously cost effective due to 

    1. the moderate price per yard,

    2. the fast and laborsaving mounting,

    3. the remarkable durability,

    4. the unique reusability.

  10. The use of the proofing strips is not limited to the proofing of doors. They can be used for a multitude of other proofing purposes e.g. the proofing of the gap between a fence and the ground or between the fence and a building. 

  11. The WAVE door sweep can be used for proofing threshold gaps, that are as high as 1.4 inch (35 mm).

  12. The WAVE door sweep is so elastic that moderate local depressions in the threshold of a door can be compensated by gently pressing the relevant part of the door sweep slightly down. 

  13. The WAVE door sweep can optionally be protected with the 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) thick RodeXit SHIELD stainless-steel protection strip, that can withstand pallet jacks collisions better than the aluminum retainers, which constitute the backbone of several other door sweeps.

  14. The optional SHIELD protection strip can protect not only the RodeXit WAVE door sweep but also the much more expensive door against colliding pallet jacks. In addition to the protection provided by the steel protection strip the elastic and wave-shaped door sweep mounted between the protection strip and the door has a cushioning effect, that enhances the protection of the door. 

  15. The optional SHIELD protection strip with # 4 brushed finish is so nice that it looks great on all doors. 

  16. Because the proofing strips are not integrated in a metal retainer, it is possible to combine them with all sorts of wooden mounting strips, that will make them match perfectly with any wooden doors. 

  17. The proofing strips do not absorb dirt. Because of that they do not lose their elasticity and sealing properties due to absorption of dirt. 

  18. They are very easy to clean and therefore relatively hygienic – a quality that is highly valued in the food processing industry. 

  19. The expansion and contraction of the materials of the proofing strips due to temperature changes are insignificant.

  20. They can be rolled into very handy coils, so even a 27 yards (25 m) long strip can be easily stored, transported and handled.

  21. The waste experienced when cutting off the length needed for a proofing job is minimal, as the proofing strips can be bought in coils of 27 yards (25 m) and not just in relatively short standard measures such as 36 or 48 inches, and this adds to the admirable cost effectiveness. 

What's in it for you?

What's in it for End Users?

If you are an end user e.g. the owner of a food store,

  • the RodeXit strip can save you a lot of trouble and costs associated with mice and rat intrusion, 

  • it can reduce the need for distribution of toxic pesticides on your premises in order to eliminate intruding rodents, and

  • at the same time it will provide you with protection against bugs, draft and higher/lower outdoor temperatures.

What's in it for Pest Management Professionals and Facility Management Professionals? 

If you are a pest management professional or a facility management professional,

  • the RodeXit strip can reduce your costs as

    • it can be mounted very easily and fast and therefore is quite labor saving, and

    • it is very durable so you don’t have to replace it frequently, and

  • it can reduce your need for distribution of toxic pesticides on the premises of your customers in order to eliminate intruding rodents, and

  • it can boost your business as your present and potential customers no doubt will value the high quality and excellent properties of the strip.

What's in it for Door Manufacturers? 

If you are a door manufacturer

  • You can provide your customers with new doors equipped with very durable and effective rodent proofing and that is a good selling point - especially in relation to customers in the food industry and the pharma industry.  

  • When servicing already delivered doors you can reduce your costs as 

    • the RodeXit strip can be mounted very easily and fast and therefore is quite labor saving, and

    • it is very durable so you don’t have to replace it frequently. 

  • The RodeXit strip can, furthermore, boost your door servicing business as your present and potential customers no doubt will value the high quality and excellent properties of the strip.

The Present 2 Versions

The RodeXit proofing strip comes in 2 versions: the straight RodeXit STRAIGHT and the wave-shaped RodeXit WAVE.

The RodeXit WAVE door sweep is for proofing up to 1,4 inches (35 mm) high threshold gaps of horizontally operating manual doors i.e. 

  • manual swing doors with normal hinges,

  • manual swing doors with double acting hinges,

  • manual sliding doors and

  • manual folding doors.

The RodeXit STRAIGHT general-purpose proofing strip is for proofing 

  • the vertical astragal gap of double doors and 

  • stationary gaps in or between other building parts, fences, and/or walls

Free samples

If you would like to get a free sample of the WAVE door sweep and the STRAIGHT general-purpose proofing strip, please click and send us an email.