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RodeXit Group

The RodeXit Group consists of the 2 companies RodeXit ApS and RodeXit North America ApS (Danish company registration numbers 38787608 and 40314458).

Privacy Policy

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The RodeXit Name and Logo

The name "RodeXit" is a contraction of the 2 words "rodent" and "exit". The underscore line in the logo is the cross-section of the RodeXit rodent proofing strip - showing the 10 solid stainless-steel wires as 10 white dots. The green color in the logo symbolizes the fact that the proofing strip is an ecofriendly and non-toxic solution to the rodent problem. 

The Full Satisfaction Warranty & Other Terms of Delivery

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Our vision is to minimize the colossal losses suffered by individuals, enterprises and society due to rodent intrusion in buildings and public facilities. 


Our mission is to develop, produce and sell effective and fast and easy to mount rodent proofing devices and thereby to revolutionize the art of rodent proofing. 

Core Values 

Our core values are loyalty and reliability.

Intellectual Property

RodeXit's rodent proofing technology is subject to American patent 11,466,510 B2, and international patent application PCT/DK2022/000309.

The RODEXIT trademarks are registered in Denmark (reg. No. VR 2018 01139 and VR 2019 01266), USA (reg. No. 5,755,106), Canada, Mexico and Brazil (WIPO reg. No. 1,514,466).  


RodeXit Group sponsors the brilliant RodeXit SEALS swimming team.

Rodexit SEALS