About Us

The Companies

RodeXit ApS and RodeXit North America IVS are Danish companies that have acquired all North and South American rights to a revolutionary new rodent proofing technology, which has passed scientific test performed by an independent and accredited test institution. On top of that the technology has very successfully been live tested on the Danish market, so the technology now can be considered well established and proven. The Danish company registration numbers are RodeXit ApS: 38787608 and RodeXit North America IVS: 40314458.

The New Rodent Proofing Devices

Based on the new but proven technology we have developed 2 improved versions of the door sweep and general-purpose proofing strip, which have been live tested on the Danish market. They are called RodeXit STRAIGHT and RodeXit WAVE. They are both made of the famous polymer material Santoprene 201-73 and are provided with an embedded barrier of 10 solid stainless-steel wires.  

Intellectual Property

The basic aspects of RodeXit's rodent proofing technology are subject to American, Mexican and Brazilian patent applications. Some very important further developments are covered by the international patent application PCT/DK2018/050412 and a Danish patent application, which in November 2019 will be converted into a third international patent application. 

The RODEXIT trademark is registered in Denmark and USA and is subject to Canadian, Mexican and Brazilian trade mark applications.  

The RodeXit Name and Logo

The name "RodeXit" is a contraction of the 2 words "rodent" and "exit". The underscore line in the logo is the cross-section of the RodeXit rodent proofing strip - showing the 10 solid stainless-steel wires as 10 white dots. The green color in the logo symbolizes the fact that the proofing strip is an ecofriendly solution to the rodent problem as it is non-toxic and made from materials, which can be recycled. 


Our vision is to minimize the colossal losses suffered by individuals, enterprises and society due to rodent intrusion in buildings and public facilities. 


Our mission is to develop, produce and sell fabulously effective and fast and easy to mount rodent proofing devices and thereby to revolutionize the art of rodent proofing. 

Core Values 

Our core values are loyalty and reliability.

The Management Team 

  • Bjørn von Ryberg - CEO and chairman of the board

  • Timmo Ritzau - vice-chairman of the board

  • Jesper Thorsen - member of the board

  • Lone von Ryberg - member of the board

  • Claus Byrum - sales development expert

The Inventors

The RodeXit proofing strips were invented and developed by

  • Bjørn von Ryberg

  • Claus Frimand