Welcome to the future of rodent proofing!

The RodeXit door sweeps and proofing strips are the future of rodent proofing. 


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See how a RodeXit door sweep easily can be mounted in less than 2½ minutes:



The RodeXit seals:

  • Provide excellent rodent protection.

  • Are easy and fast to install.

  • Are durable.

  • Are labor and cost saving and thereby highly cost effective. 


There are 2 types:

  • The RodeXit WAVE door sweep for proofing:

    • up to 1,4 inches (35 mm) high threshold gaps of horizontally operating manual doors including hinged swing doors.

  • The RodeXit STRAIGHT proofing strip for proofing:

    • Up to 1,4 inches (35 mm) wide stationary gaps.

    • The vertical astragal gaps between the 2 door leaves of double doors.


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