Welcome to the future of rodent proofing!

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See how a RodeXit door sweep easily can be mounted in less than 2½ minutes:

The RodeXit door sweep and general purpose-proofing strip:

  • Provide excellent rodent protection.

  • Are easy and fast to install.

  • Are durable.

  • Are labor and cost saving and thereby cost effective. 

Click HERE to download a detailed account of a scientific rat attack test performed by the accredited and independent test institution Danish Technological Institute. 

They can be used for the rodent, bug and weather proofing of:

  • Doors.

  • Lots of other building parts.

  • Walls and fences. 

If you would like to get a free sample

of the Rodexit door sweep and the RodeXit general-purpose proofing strip, please click bvr@rodexit.com and send us an email. 

If you have special requirements 

we can satisfy them by designing new versions tailored for your needs e.g. by designing tailormade versions for special up and over doors. 

If you want a private label solution

it is not a problem and we will be happy to provide you with goods labeled with your own logo and trademark. 

If you would like to become a wholesale distributor of the RodeXit products

please click bvr@rodexit.com and send us an email.