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Here's lots of information about RodeXit's All-In-One general purpose rodent proofing seal and door sweep.

You can among other things ask for samples, watch videos, download mounting guides, and find distributors. 

The All-In-One seal is 

  • durable

  • easy and fast to install

  • laboursaving 

  • cost-effective 

You'll find a detailed description of the All-In-One seal in the "Products" page. 

Door sweep and rodent proofing seal

Check out this 1 minute short video to see how a swing door can be rodent proofed in 2½ minutes, and a garage door in 5 minutes (click on the full screen icon if the video does not show properly on your screen): 



RodeXit's All-In-One Seal is Well Suited for Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the new black in rodent control, and it will no doubt stay in fashion at least until the turn of the century.

Extermination by means of rodenticides is therefore out and only a measure of last resort:



Physical exclusion on the other hand is a basic strategy that should be implemented whenever there is a risk of rodent problems. 

Using the All-In-One seal as a basic tool for the implementation of your IPM strategy is therefore a both logical and clever choice.

Exclusion by means of RodeXit's All-In-One Seal is also Common Sense

When rodents already have found their way into a building it will not make much sense to exterminate the rodents before their entryways have been blocked.

This is because a new generation of hungry rodents very soon will find their way into the building and take the place of the exterminated rodents if the entryways are left open to new arrivals.

Mouse RodeXit

Rodent exclusion by means of the All-In-One seal is therefore not only the IPM flavour of this century but also everlasting common sense.

Common sense