The RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip

The STRAIGHT Proofing Strip 

The STRAIGHT Proofing Strip:

  • Is a highly rodent resistant proofing strip. 

  • Is used for proofing:

    • Up to 1,4 inches (35 mm) wide stationary gaps.

    • The vertical astragal gaps between the 2 door leaves of double doors.

  • Is sold in rolls of 9 yd (8 meters) and 27 yd (25 meters).

Prices start at 26 USD per yard i.e. 8.7 USD per foot. 

The rodent barrier consists of 10 gnaw proof wires of solid stainless-steel:


rodexit straight proofing strip


The Successful Rat Attack Test

The accredited and independent test institution Danish Technological Institute has successfully performed a 2 weeks' long rat attack test of the proofing technology. Click HERE to download a detailed account of the test. 

Free Samples

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  • Great protection against all pests including rats and mice.

  • Easy trimming with common tin snips and a Stanley knife.

  • Easy and extremely fast installation.

  • More than 10 years durability under favorable circumstances. 

  • Screw hole markings facilitate fast and perfect looking installations.  

  • Non-toxic materials only. 

  • Long rolls in small handy boxes provides for easy storing, handling, and transportation.

  • Minimal trimming waste when cutting door sweeps from a roll. 

  • Easy cleaning. 

  • High cost effectiveness due to:

    • Moderate price per yard.

    • Easy, fast, and laborsaving installation.

    • Long durability.

    • Minimal trimming waste.

  • Optional use of metal strips and wood strips as aesthetically pleasing mounting strips.  

Technical Specifications 

rodexit straight proofing strip