Vacant Distributorships in North and South America


The following distributorships are vacant:

In USA and Canada:

  • Distribution to door producers and door service firms. 

In other North and South American countries:

  • Distribution to door producers and door service firms.
  • Distribution to other customers such as pest management firms, facility management firms, and end users.

Let us know if you could be interested in being granted a vacant distributorship. For the time being we are especially interested in getting distributors in Brazil, Mexico and Colombia. 

Requirements and Terms

We prefer distributors who have a genuine desire to earn a substantial amount of money and who have one of the following qualifications: 

  • Practical experience with rodent proofing and a good understanding og the pest management business. 
  • Practical experience with the production of doors and a good understanding of the door production business.

It is crucial that your potential customers will see you as a trustworthy person, who knows what he/she is talking about. 

Depending on your field of expertise and the extent of your commitment you can get exclusivity within your geographical region in relation to one or more categories of customers. However, we may choose to handle a very limited number of large customers directly or in cooperation with you.

You must provide us with a convincing business plan before being appointed as distributor. Your plan does not have to be very long or sophisticated. We will provide you with marketing material and refer to your business on our website.

When signing the distribution agreement, you will be required to order a minimum stock of products in order to enable you to start servicing your market and to secure your commitment. The required stock will be in reasonable proportion to the commercial possibilities afforded by your market. 

Let us know if the above gives rise to questions or comments.