The RodeXit STRAIGHT Proofing Strip

Chief Features 

The STRAIGHT Proofing Strip:

  • Is a highly rodent resistant proofing strip. 

  • Is used for proofing:

    • Up to 1,4 inches (35 mm) wide stationary gaps.

    • The vertical astragal gaps between the 2 door leaves of double doors.


The rodent resistant barrier consists of 10 gnaw proof wires of solid stainless-steel:

rodexit straight proofing strip


Prices start at 26 USD per yard i.e. 8.7 USD per foot or 28.08 USD per meter. 

The Successful Rat Attack Test

The basic proofing technology has successfully been tested by the accredited and independent test institution Danish Technological Institute. Click HERE to download a detailed account of the successful 2 weeks' long rat attack test. 

Free Samples

To get free samples click and send us an email. 


  • Great protection against all pests including rats and mice.

  • Easy trimming with common tin snips and a Stanley knife.

  • Easy and extremely fast installation.

  • More than 10 years durability under favorable circumstances. 

  • Screw hole markings facilitate fast and perfect looking installations.  

  • Non-toxic materials only. 

  • Long rolls in small handy boxes provides for easy storing, handling, and transportation.

  • Minimal trimming waste when cutting door sweeps from a roll. 

  • Easy cleaning. 

  • High cost effectiveness due to:

    • Moderate price per yard and per meter.

    • Easy, fast, and laborsaving installation.

    • Long durability.

    • Minimal trimming waste.

  • Optional use of wood strips and metal strips (e.g. aluminum carpet trims or transition strips) as aesthetically pleasing mounting strips.  

Technical Specifications 




RodeXit STRAIGHT proofing strip

Elastic main component

Extremely robust Santoprene thermoplastic elastomer

Rodent resistant barrier

10 close-set steel wires

Steel wires

Solid gnaw proof stainless-steel wires with a diameter of 0,04 inch (1 mm)

Distance between the steel wires

0.2 inch (5 mm) – i.e. too little for a mouse to squeeze through

Distance between the edges and the first steel wires

0.1 inch (3 mm)



Cross sectional measures

0.13 inch (3.2 mm) thick and 2.4 inches (62 mm) wide


7.4 oz per yard (0.23 kg per meter)


Anthracite gray

Screw hole markings

2 for every 4 in (10 cm)



Temperature range

Minus 40 F to plus 140 F (-40 to 60 Celsius)

Thermal expansion and contraction   


Shore A Hardness

Around 80