The Optional RodeXit Protection Strips


Doors in commercial buildings are often hit and damaged by pallet jacks. When there is regular traffic of pallet jacks in and out of a door it is therefore wise to fixate the RodeXit WAVE door sweep to the door leaf by means of a RodeXit SHIELD protection strip, that can protect both the door and the door sweep against colliding pallet jacks. 

Furthermore, the protection strip is aesthetically more appealing than the  door sweep, so the protection strip can also be used in order to satisfy aesthetical requirements - e.g. in private homes. 

Many industrial doors are very expensive. Because of this the investment in a protection strip is paid back many times each time the protection strip takes the blow from a colliding pallet jack and protects the door from being damaged.

Durability and reusability

As the prtotection strip is made of 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) thick stainless-steel, it is extremely durable and may last as long as 100 years. Thus, it can be reused countless times. 


The RodeXit protection strip is a 1/8 inch thick, 1 5/8 inch broad and 1 yard long (around 3.2x42x914 mm) strip of stainless steel with predrilled holes. 

RodeXit shielding strip

It is very easy to fit the strip to the breadth of door leaves measuring from 36 inch to 28 inch (914 to 711 mm) without drilling additional holes. You just shorten the strip in the end with the 5 predrilled holes. It can be done in around 20 seconds if you use a good cordless bandsaw. 

One of the ends is beveled 45 degrees. The purpose of that is to avoid head-on collisions between pallet jacks and the end of the protection strip. Thus, should a pallet jack hit the beveled end of the protection strip, the pallet jack will not bend the protection strip but instead slide to the side and past the beveled end. 

Two different kinds of surface finish

The RodeXit SHIELD protection strip comes with 2 different qualities of surface finish: mill finish and # 4 brushed finish.

The mill finish is a rather dull looking finish which is fine in less conspicuous places or in places, where the aesthetic requirements are very modest. 

The # 4 brushed finish is very nice and appealing. It will look good anywhere. It is a little more expensive than the one with mill finish.

If you are in doubt about which one to choose, we recommend that you order the one with # 4 brushed finish, because we are quite sure that it will not disappoint you and the price difference is marginal.